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Spot One By Anna

Portfolio Agency

Packaging your project into online products


General Administration: this is a general place where you will document and list various projects and miscellaneous tasks for Anna to look into and complete.
Social Media: this is the production studio where I coordinate editorials, video, and photo productions for content.
Graphic Design: this is the spot where I perform the roles of a graphic designer, webmaster, and web designer.
Package rates from $3,125
Monthly retainer fees are $ 800

Online Services

I focus on human-centered design as programs in Fashion, Health, Housing, Technology. The goal is to enhance each project by working with creative people to coordinate services online. I offer three main services dedicated to General Administration, Social Media, and Graphic Design.


I respond to emails between 10 and 4 p.m Mondays to Thursdays.


Packaging your products into an online business