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Public Representation

Building stronger communities


Representation : a general place where you will document and list various tasks for Anna to complete
Community Management: Anna will coordinate programs, attention to details, requirements analysis, and expectations to meet
Global Communications : Anna will present you ideas for websites, media kits and graphic designs.

Package rates from $3,125
Monthly retainer fees are $ 800

Public Representation

Public Representation matters when you value communities as it shows you care. Originally, I have created this global brand to assist busy executives implementing projects in Africa. Now, my mission consists of representation, global communications, and community management. I have developed a systemic approach called CARE: Coordination, Attention to details, Requirement analysis, and Expectations set. Those are the main benefits; besides, what you can gain are products that readily operational. I have worked more than 25 years with leaders in project management in francophone and anglophone settings.


I respond to emails between 10 and 4 p.m Mondays to Thursdays.